The Men’s New Life Program is a long-term residential program that is Christ-centered and focused on healing and biblical transformation. This program is designed to help men who struggle with a variety of life-controlling issues that might include: chemical dependency, chronic job loss, or unhealthy relationships. The program consists of a moderate work schedule at the mission, class work, group/individual counseling, and requires that the program resident has a full-time first-shift job. Our program residents are also required to save a majority of their income through Fairhaven.

Residents are expected to participate in the program and exhibit change. We are best suited to help those men who are ready to grow in their Christian faith and who desire to apply the truths of the Scriptures to their lives. The staff works actively and intentionally to provide an environment that fosters Godly maturity in the lives of all its participants. This sort of maturity is the core of our healing process focusing on the growth and development of disciples of Jesus on a daily basis.

The program is free to those who are enrolled. We have a program overview document that is given to clients who have shown interest. This document includes an introduction to the program, what the program is and why it exists, lists of expectations and boundaries, possible circumstances that might lead to a resident leaving the program, and a list of outcomes and values. The potential client must agree to the rules and structure of the program in order to be considered.

The program is consistently run throughout the year, and our services are 24-7, with a staff member always in the building. The men in our program are expected to help with chores and meal time duties at the mission (including setting up and cleaning, washing dishes, and occasionally serving meals), and are given time for rest and relaxation.