Our emergency services are available free of charge to those in need.


Our evening services for men begin at 5:45 PM and go until 6:30 PM. Men are allowed to line up at our back door at 5:30 PM. Our clients are subjected to a breathalyzer test upon entry. Our evening services offered include:

  • a hot dinner with drink and dessert
  • transitory nightly housing
    • up to 14 consecutive nights
    • must have a valid, current state ID
    • must pass a breathalyzer test
    • must abide by our guidelines and rules
    • includes required shower, snack, and pajamas for the night
    • includes laundry services
  • nightly chapel service
  • opportunity to take a shower


We have a designated smoking area – if a client leaves the mission, he cannot come back after doors close at 6:30.